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Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flow Meter COMET F

The gauge is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is designed to measure the flow of electrically conductive liquids. It is especially suitable at those places, where traditional mechanical gauges are not sufficiently reliable and accurate, due to the principle of measurement. The limiting factor of using the electromagnetic flow meter is virtually only requirement for compliance with the minimum electrical conductivity of measured liquid and low content of ferromagnetic particles in it.

  • Design of the meter allows measuring fluid chemically highly aggressive, abrasive, with high solids content and a pasty consistency. 
  • Pressure loss caused by the meter is practically zero.
  • Meter achieves high accuracy and a large range of maximum and minimum measured flow.
  • Meter consists of sensor built into the pipeline and electronics housing connected by cable. 
  • The electronics housing contains an electronic converter controlled by a microprocessor and equipped with display. 
  • Values on the display: 
    • Amount of liquid passed through and the operating time 
    • Instantaneous flow 
    • Status and error  report 
  • Keeping measured data in case of power failure ensures processor backup power supply and memory EEPROM. 
  • EEPROM allows digital calibration and adjustment of the measuring range without the use of analog adjusters. 
  • Complete absence of analog adjustment elements is ensured by high long-term stability and accuracy. 
  • Protection of sensor and electronics housing in sealed aluminum housing. 
  • Robustness cabinet provides very good protection against environmental influences. 
  • Advantages resistance against environmental influences is especially true when deployed in industrial environments. 
  • Available outputs for remote transmission: 
    • Analog
    • Pulse
    • Digital serial data output
  • Possibility of automatic electrode cleaning - protection against dirt and incrustations (supplied on request). 
  • Comfortable calibration with PC. 
  • flange model
  • sensor steel design, Stainless possible (by request)
  • lining
    • polypropylene
    • rubber
    • PTFE
  • profitable
  • width application field - flow measurement of conducting material in filled tubing
Accuracy rating

up to 0,2% from measured value

Excitation system DC Pulse field
Medium electrical conductivity >= 5 microS / cm
Measuring range 50 l / hr up to 8200 m^3 / hr
Specified pressure standard 1,6 MPa
special model 4 MPa (up to 50 MPa)
Medium temperature from - 5 to + 150°C – acc. to the lining
Specified inside diameter from DN 10 to DN 1200
Shielding in accordance with the Standard CSN 34 1010, IP 65, IP 68
polypropylene, hard rubber, PTFE
standard – steel 17.348
chemical resistant – Titanium, Platinum
Building length from 215 to 515 mm
Outputs current 0/4 – 20 mA
slow pulse heterochronism 10ms or binary, e.g. comparison, flow direction …
quick pulse max 100 units section
data serial output
Special models by request: Explosive environment – yes; IP68 – yes; electrolytic electrodes cleaning - yes; specified gauge - yes
Approval / testimonials approval Statement of the gauge type TCM 142/94-1932, FZTU 99 Ex 0090, certificate by the technical inspection institute 202/P/94
food- processing industry beer, vine, milk, cream, vinegar, fruit juice, sugar and starch solutions, chocolate cream etc.
water supply water, waste water, sewage
paper industry cellulose hydro-mixtures, waste liquors, dyes
mining industry slurry, coal hydro-mixtures, mining water
chemical industry the most of strong aggressive chemical solutions
metallurgy cooling water, waste water
special applications to discuss with the supplier
Other parameters acc. to the request


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