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Paddle Flow Meters

P, PP, PPP Paddle Flow Meters

Paddle flow meters – flow-keepers are used to indication of momentary flow of liquid and fluent materials in all industrial branches. The flow meter with the switch SP5 is possible to use as a flow-keeper of pre-set flow level. The flow meter is possible to equip with the switch SP6 and evaluation devices e.g. ECLM, DMK, ERT 50000, PAX-D for continuous indication of momentary flow, or flowed volume with the possibility of analogue output. 

th_11a.png - 1.73 MBAdvantages of Paddle Flow Meters

  • for measuring of liquid and fluent materials
  • horizontal and vertical operating position
  • resistant to contamination
  • resistant to pressure shocks
  • massive all-metal design including case of indicator for industry
  • specified flow adjustment (according to the scale), which activates the limit contact
  • individual calibration
  • data about actual flow
  • short building length – straight piping, 6D prior to device 3D behind
  • extended building length for higher accuracy of measuring
  • sectional system, possibility of outlets, indication etc.
  • measuring in extreme conditions
Measuring range (l/h) 
Water (20°C)
min. 2 000
max. 1 000 000

Max. pressure

1,6 MPa    
20 Mpa – on request
Max. temperature  150°C  
350°C – on request
Material applied medium contacting parts of device in stainless steel
Connection lateral flange, for pipeline DN 25 - DN 300
Construction length see catalog
Limit contacts SP5 min.  
SP5 max.  

PPV Stream Gauges - Flow Alarm Controls PPV

The PPV type paddle-based stream gauges - flow alarm controls are designed for checking flows of liquids and gases, e.g. in the cooling, tempering circuits as well as for veriffing the operation of the pupms, ventilators etc.
The function of stream gauges resides in fluctuating of reaction paddle-like surface under the effect of flow medium, this sur ce getting over the pre-stress of torsion spring. The pre-stress can be set on during the operation. The transfer of paddle's positional fluctuation from the close shut space onto indicator's pointer makes it able to actuate the limit contact.

Proudoznak PPVProudoznak PPV

Advantages of PPV stream gauges

  • liquids and gases flow supervision
  • single universal device for various inner diamenters of piping, and various flow sizes
  • in-operation fast setting on trigger point of contact"s limit dependent on the flow size
  • random working positon
  • stainless steel robust execution
  • resistance against the pressure strokes
  • possibility of 1-2 pcs limit contact
Measuring range (l/h)
Water (20°C)
min. 500
max. 300 000

Max. pressure

4 MPa    
10 Mpa – on request
Max. temperature of measured material 150°C  
350°C – on request
Material applied medium contacting part of device in stainless steel
Connection lateral flange, for pipeline DN 50 - DN 300
Working position arbitrary
Construction length see catalog
Fixation of pointing mechanism stainless steel ball bearings or standard steel – on request
Limit contacts SP5 min.  
SP5 max.  
Remote transmission contact, NAMUR


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